Farrier and Fabrication Pricing

Horseshoeing services

Zophia Kneiss

BWFA Farrier



Over-do trim-$35-$45 depending on horses behavior and feet

Regular Steel shoes

4 shoes $75

2 shoes $55

**Specality shoes

Eventer add $5 for front or hind unclipped or $15 for front or hind clipped

I recommend and carry hind clips

Aluminum Kerchaert add $15 per pair

Natural Balance Lite Sport add $15 per pair

Aluminum Kerchaert Wedge add $20 per pair

Sliding plates add $20 per pair

Leather pads add $20 per pair

A well balanced horse is a happy horse, and a happy horse makes a happy rider.

Only put your horse in the care of a professional and certified farrier.

Welding and Repair Pricing

Welding is done per hour or per project.

Welding mild steels $60 per hour

Welding Aluminum $70 per hour

Mobile Welding Service $75 per hour plus a $50 service call

Art Signs and custom sculpture is at estimated per piece.

Custom fabrication projects are estimated from the cost of material and labor costs.

Certified Welder, fabricator and blueprint reader.