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This is a flower I finished in Oct. 2008. It is 7′ tall and has good movement and detail. It is for sale $6,500.

Leaf detail…

The color comes from a patina on steel. It will continue to rust making it a brighter red over time.


Completed in June 2008

Holstein Cow Sculpture for a Private collector

Top of Head

in Stance

Materials- Mild steel rod and sheet metal.

mostly cold formed with a little bit of hot forming and forginf for detail. This grey finish of the raw steel will turn into a rust patina of deep red.

I used the rod to build the form which was half left exposed and half covered with the splashes of color found on a holsein cow. The proportions of the cow were modeled on a real life cow. The size is of a dairy cow. Weighs about 400 pounds.

me and a bottle tree

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