Burning Art

Building Dreams, Burning Art


“Buford and Bud”

the flower set on the right is 10′ tall. Made of mild steel with a vibrant rust patina.

“Bernice” the flower on the left is 9’tall.


These flowers will be displayed in the “Art in Public Places” 2008 installation in Crutch park.


Flower detail of “Buford and Bud”

These Flowers are available after the Dogwoods Installation for $2,750 “Buford and Bud” and $2000 for Bernice

Sold together for $4,500. The finish can be this rust patina of for an extra charge they can be galvanized. The flowers are included with an appropriate mounting for installation. The price for installation will vary depending on location and environment.


“Mechanics of Celestrial” Sold


Recycled Mild steel



is more you can still see the show till March 26th and then at Maryville, TN for Last Friday.Large Sculpture Built for Bristol Galvanizing and entitled “Kayuga” is a large T-REX skeleton measuring 9′ tall by 16′ long. It was completed in January 2006. Kayuga was galvanized by her new owner and represents their motto “Don’t let your steel become extinct.” The dino was featured on WBIRs “Live at Five” on channel 10.

I took time to review the sekeleton system or real T-rex remains and various 3D models. I tried to keep the proportion real. In the end she was remarkable balanced for being as heavy as she was.

A crane was needed to load her.

Each part was hand made out of mild steel. The large spine had to be heated and bent. I had to develop new tools to accommodate the large steel pieces.

Each tooth was hand forged. The head was the first thing I started with and what took the most time.

She was quite a site on the road heading up to Bristol, Virginia.


Garden Designs

Striking and unique garden stakes and are built by hand and are all unique and original. I do NOT use stencils, molds, or punched repeats. Each one is drawn out by hand and plasma cut then hand painted. I view are with originality and integrity. My goal is not to put out mass qualities of the same pieces, my goal is to build bigger and bigger and gear toward clients who appreciate this originality as a contrast of a world of Wal-mart and mass production. My prices are not exceedingly high priced. They are real. By “real” i mean according to the same principals i use for estimating fabrication jobs, often the art is sold cheaper than, for example, a tractor bucket repair because i put much fine tuned detail to each original piece.

Devil Dawg

This is a unique planter made out of an old wash tub and other things.

Swirly Table is available for $400. Does not include the two other small pieces in the picture. There is also the dragon fly and the metal flower displayed on the swirly table.

Bulldog Sold, example of Art Nouveau style evident in some of my work.

I get much of my inspiration from nature and the nature of things in general.


Unique found object art, This piece is 2.5′ tall and 80 pounds.

I love metal is seems to have it’s own life. The next picture is of the aura of Spudnix…

and here is Link’s

Metal holds heat well and is absolutely beautiful all red hot and glowing.

“Free Swim” wall sculpture.

You may see me at local festivals and art-craft fairs.

I also do very functional projects such as these very steep dock stairs in progress. Also, gates, commercial signs

custom components for vehichles and trailers and custon trailers. I say again “If you can dream it i can build it”