The Burning Art Welding Studio

Full service welding studio offering:

  •  Welding and Fabrication on Aluminum, Stainless Steel and mild steels.
  •  Art commissions of all sizes including business signs and logos.
  •  Horseshoeing- Going out for a ride need some new shoes? Stop in. I will shoe your horse in the studio. Call ahead for appointment. 423-626-6996.

Come in just to see what is going on! and/or what I do here.

Natural and Metal designs are created in the Burning Art Studio.

Zophia working on a 2007 sculpture.

“Justice Loves Truth”

MIG welding of found objects.

Plasma cutting of bent steel salvaged from a roller coaster named “Shooting Star” given to me by the kind folks of Floyd Fest in Virginia. This plasma cutter actually excites electrons to become plasma, which is only naturally found in the stars. This is the stuff of the stars! I find that quite poetic.

A view of creation.

These are some of the hand tools I use to sculpt metal including some saftey equipment. This represents only about 10% of the hammer i own, but most often i use these.

Different hoods for different purposes; the blue hood is for welding and the black for cutting. The grinder is used to round off sharp edges. I do not grind my weld beads down, what they look like reveals the penetration. Welding doesn’t come instantly it takes time to develop. If you want to learn how to weld apply at your local technical college.


Everyone is welcome to come visit